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Elevate Your Corporate Events 

The corporate events that our friendly company organises can help to break the ice and encourage everyone to have a blast. 4 Events offers an incredible variety of event planning services, including Christmas parties, awards and presentation nights.

Full Size F1 Show Car Simulator

Manufacturered at the world famous Silverstone Circuit, this car is stunning.  Suitable as a show car or photo opppurtunity with your company branding and also as an amazing driving simulator allowing you to experience the thrill of sitting in a full size car driving round the racing circuit of your choice.  Step up the competition with the addition of a 'Top Gear' style leaderboard to record your  lap times. 

Racing Simulators

Linked racing is the ultimate challenge.  With our superb driving simulators you can take on tracks from all round the world, in a selection of different cars.  Now all you need is some friends to race against and hopefully you will only be viewing them in your rear view mirror.  With force feedback steering, this is the best fun you can  have in a racing scenario without having to spend a fortune on insurance.

Full Motion Simulator

This incredible simulator is new to the market and we are pleased to have one.  With full motion and compatible with 99% of the racing games on the market this really is the most fun you can have in a racing simulator.  With a built in sound system and 42 inch screen, the experience is unforgetable.

We can aso add the option of Virtual Reaity to this simulator taking the experience to the next level.

Giant  Scalextric

 Multiple lanes of competetive fun, racing head to head for individual fastest laps or you can race to see who is first across the finish line.  The perfect entertainment for any corporate party, wedding or family celebration.  Accompanied by our Top-Gear style leaderboard, this is one of our most popular attractions

Snowboard Simulator

Hit the slopes on our full size snowboard and try some half pipe competitions or downhill slopes, grabbing some air on the way, or simply take in a free ride at your own pace.

Ski Simulator

Slalom racing or downhill jumping the choice is yours.  Fly through the air like Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards, going for gold.  The longer your jump distance the higher the score, but only if you land safely.

We can now add Virtual Reaity to our Ski and Snowboard simulators.


How fast are your reactions ? Find out with this exciting hand to eye co ordination equipment.  With a number of game variations all based around hitting the illuminated targets as quickly as possible, you'll soon be competing with your guests to be the best. 

Add a Top-Gear style magnetic scoreboards to keep the competition going.

Classic Arcade Machine

An absolutely fantastic multi-game upright arcade machine with over 80 classic games from the golden age of arcade gaming. This top machine is packed full of retro favourites to provide fun for the everyone.

Pac-man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, 1942, Frogger, Dig Dug, Centipede and Galaga just to name a few.

Virtual Reality 

VR experiences, games and racing, this truly has to be seen to  believe. See our Virtual Reality  page for more information


Corporate Branding

Exhibitions, company events and parties can all be enhanced with  branding - Promotional branding can be added to any of our equipment, making your company stand out from the competition.  We can assist with the design process if required.  

Bespoke Quotations

For further details on simulators and branding for you event,  please call us today for a price that won't be beaten!

Contact us today to ensure your corporate events and parties entirely unforgettable.