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F1 Racing Simulator For Conferences, Event Launches And More

F1 racing simulator options could be exactly the thing you are looking for if you want to raise your company's profile and attract new interest in your business. If you have a marketing budget, you need to use it to best effect to maximise your return on investment. For many businesses, that involves booking stands at conferences and exhibitions, holding launch events, and organising and hosting other externally facing occasions. With F1 simulator hire from a quality and reputable events entertainment company, you can really make your mark on your target audiences. Here, we outline how that works in practice.

Add Event Entertainment To Draw Attention To Your Marketing Efforts

Hiring an F1 racing simulator isn't free of charge. But for any and every marketing initiative you undertake, there's a cost, both in terms of staff time and usually hard cash too. At conferences, for example, you must book your stand, take along promotional material and have employees in attendance to liaise with potential customers. Remember, you will usually be competing with rival brands, and even with other unrelated companies, to stand out from the crowd. If you put on a lacklustre display, you may as well not have been there at all and saved yourself some money. An F1 driving simulator experience will instantly draw people's attention. Every business has giveaway pens, and some may push the boat out with more novelty items, but all these are soon discarded by their new owners the minute they've left the conference hall. What will really stand out in the minds of your visitors will be the experience they had with the F1 sim.

F1 Racing Simulator

An F1 Driving Simulator Adds Glamour And Excitement To Your Corporate Image

Having an F1 driving simulator associated with your stall, or indeed at any event, will prove to be a major talking point. It's almost guaranteed to act like a magnet, attracting people away from other distractions and towards your people, your marketing material, and your products or services. Some stand-alone replica F1 cars can even feature your company's own branding, imprinting your name and corporate colours firmly in observers' minds. Booking an F1 sim racing vehicle is even better, as it delivers an interactive experience, which will make a real impression on anyone who takes part. And as a final convincer, if you need one, what better sport is there to be associated with than the high glamour of Formula One? It's among the most prestigious and expensive sports there are, and no harm can come to your company's reputation by being seen to be associated with it. So where do you hire something as exclusive as this?

Hire Your F1 Racing Simulator From Organisational Experts 4Events

If you like the idea of hosting an F1 racing simulator at an external event to help make your company stand out, speak to our experts at 4Events. We offer a range of equipment and entertainments for special corporate occasions, to make a splash with clients and potential customers alike. From our increasingly popular Formula One racing simulator to casinos, photobooths, and live music, there's something to suit every company and every event. Be memorable; download our latest brochure from, where you will also find our online contact form for enquiries. Alternatively, why not give us a ring to discuss your options today?

F1 Racing Simulator