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Virtual Reality

VR is undoubtedly the future of gaming and entertainment,  and over recent months its become more accessible and usable within a work environment.  We can offer VR experiences as examples of how it could be incorporated into your workplace or for event entertainment.

Virtual Reality

Create the ultimate talking point at your event by bringing a sample of the  future into the present.  Still undergoing lots of development but VR is almost certainly an insite into what the future technology will bring to gaming, our work enviroment and almost certainly everyday life, possibly sooner than you may think.

Business People

Here is a list of our currenty available VR games and experiences, if there is anything specific you are looking for that is not on the list below, please contact us and I am sure we can make it available for your event.


F1 Racing Simulator                                                    Football Heading Game

Street Snowball Fights                                              Rock Climbing

Escape Rooms                                                             Shooting Range

Fruit Ninja                                                                     Minecraft

Skiing Simulator                                                         Colin McRae Rally

Bomb Disposal  (Team Building Game)                Eagle Flight

Bowling                                                                        Trip to Mars

and many more.........



We are working hard to keep our content as cutting edge as possible, please enquire about new vr or anything specific that you may require. 

Contact our entertainment team to experience the future..... today!